Saturday, 28 September 2013


This is the most easy a delicious cake ever…and all you have to do is make layers with the ingredients and you are ready!

  • 2 packs of petit-beurre biscuits (depends in your pyrex pan size)
  • 2 boxes of Instant creme patissiere vanilla flavor
  • 1 box of Custard powder vanilla flavor
  • 2 boxes of JELL-O any flavor you want I used the cherry flavor one
  • aprox. 2 lit. of whole milk

You start by making a layer in your pan with the biscuits then you make the creme patissiere following the directions on the box. Put the creme over the biscuits and make a thick layer then make another layer with biscuits again. Prepare the custard powder creme as in the box directions again and spread it on the last layer of the biscuits. If you have much amount of the cremes do two layers of both in the end you will have biscuits-creme patissiere-biscuits-custard powder creme-biscuits-creme patissiere-biscuits-custard powder creme. Put the pan in the freezer and make the jello in a big plastic utensil an put that in the freezer too. When the jell-o is ready take a spoon and mess it up in small pieces and put it on the last layer of the creme. Your cake is ready!