Wednesday, 25 September 2013


It was very difficult for me to choose the dresses I liked the most from that red carpet event. All the ladies were beautiful but the clothes were plain gowns. There were nothing new nothing imaginative nothing revolutionary just the same old same gowns which gave me the impression that I have seen them again, probably in different color, length or body type.
I am very disappointed from the luck of effort from the stylists of the evening.
All the above are my opinion and my opinion only I am sure that many people have different idea from me.
So here are some of the most likable dresses and suits again in my opinion and from them I pick out Giuliana Rancic's one as my favorite!


  1. Good picks! I couldn't even pick a favourite they are all gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Callie Thorpe for your comment. I am very happy that you liked my picks it was hard to choose indeed.