Thursday, 29 November 2012

London trip part I

I know that i didin't tell anything about my trip to London but I had so much to do before leaving. London was fantastic the weather was surprisingly good and warm. The window-shops were already chrismas themed and the chrismas lights were more than enought. I was little scared in first but when I understand how was the tube map working I was ready to go anywere. I loved Oxford street with the big department stores like John Lewis, Shelfridges and my personal favorite Primark (witch I visited more than 2 times...). I had already booked from Greece my tour to Parry Potter making of Studios so one day was burned there but it worth it (special thanks to my blogg friend pinkbow for suggesting the tour). I have too many fotos from the trip so I will post them in parts. Enjoy them!


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