Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Harry Potter London Tour

I know I promised many photos from my Harry Potter London Tour, but the photos are much tooooo many to put them all up. I was overwhelmed with joy about this tour and I was right it was fabulous. For me a girl from Greece a country with no significant movie industry that tour was very odd I had never seen how a movie is made. The sets were so detailed that you could live there for real the stone floor, the real fireplace, the costumes, the detailed houses and wardrobe of every character were magical in my eyes. I couldn’t believe how many detailed objects were made just because the set must look real to the movie viewer. Did you know that ?

§  Hundreds (British phonebooks covered in leather) books were in the shelves of Dumbledore’s study.

§  All the Death Eaters masks and wands are unique and were designed and handpicked from the actors of the movie.

§  The Ministry of magic set was enormous and had fireplaces over 9 meters tall.

§  More than 210,000 Sickle, Knut and Galleon coins were made for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II.

§  Ollivanders was home to more than 17.000 individually labeled wand boxes.

§  In Hogwarts Castle model makers installed more than 300 fiber optic lights that gave even the illusion of students passing through the hallways.

Those are some of the things that you learn in the tour and many more are waiting for you if you choose to do the Warner Bros. The making of Harry Potter London studio tour. I suggest to anyone that travels to London and loves Harry Potter to do that tour……… will surely enjoy it!


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