Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I think that tv shows have more sexy men than ever, you don't know literally where to look first. Good cops, bad cops, vampires and werewolfes, princes and knights, agents, thieves, con-men and it-boys the list is endless. The winter in front of us is very long and with them we can make our nights a little less boring. So here is my top 30 for tv studs who can haunt our dreams.........
(Note that all the pictures are from internet sites and i do not own them i am simply reposting them)

01-Alexander Skarsgard-True Blood (A TRUE Viking God.....)
02-Joe Manganiello-True Blood (The definition of tall dark and handsome.)
03-Michael Weatherly-NCIS (He can do anything with this smile)
04-Christian Kane-Leverage (A 007 Cowboy.)
05-Shane West-Nikita (Serenity and power.)
06-Robert Buckley-One Tree Hill (Surf me up baby!)
07-David Boreanaz-Bones (An ideal co-worker, friend, lover and husband.)
08-Simon Baker-The Mentalist (You can have a tea party and much more with him.....)
09-Devon Sawa-Nikita (He will do anything to protect you.)
10-Josh Dallas-Once upon a time (A real life prince charming.)
11-Damian Lewis-Homeland (Because red equals passion.)
12-Sasha Roiz-Grimm (Talk me French baby....)
13-Chace Crawford-Gossip Girl (Angel eyes and evil body.)
14-Ed Westwick-Gossip Girl (A bad boy with a good side.)
15-Tyler Hoechlin-Teen Wolf (He is not real.....i'm sure.)
16-Jason Moma-Game of Thrones (Barbarian kind of love.)
17-Nikolaj Coster Waldau-Game of Thrones (He is bad and he likes it.....)
18-Kit Harington-Game of Thrones (A true kings heart.)
19-Jamie Dornan-Once upon a time (We need more from him.....)
20-Joseph Morgan-Vampire Diaries (Why be good when you can be bad...)
21-Paul Wesley-Vampire Diaries (Those lips are made for kisses...)
22-Stephen Moyer-True Blood (Say my name in your way.)
23-Nathan Fillion-Castle (With him you can have fun everything.)
24-Benedict Cumberbatch-Sherlock (You will learn to spell his name that's sure....)
25-Scott Caan-Hawaii-five-0 (Beauty and intelligence......)
26-Alex O'Loughlin-Hawaii-five-0 (First we shoot then we ask....)
27-Matt Bomer-White Collar (Angel on earth....and he can sing too.)
28-Sebastian Stan-Once upon a time (You can leave your hat on......)
29-Taylor Kinney-Vampire Diaries (Be in his pack...six-pack.)
30-Ian Somerhalder-Vampire Diaries (If that's how a Damon looks let me in hell plz...)


  1. Oooo excellent choices! Especially Alex Skarsgard and Joseph Morgan - they are just what I need to gaze at before a long day at work! :-D